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ECADIN - Energy Academy Indonesia

Founded in 2017, ECADIN is a research, knowledge hub, and sharing platform on current research directions, industrial developments and regulations in(out)side Indonesia in the energy sectors & sustainability concerns.

We work closely with national and multinational stakeholders to embrace a transformational approach aimed at unlocking potentials to grow towards a sustainable future.

Our activities:

  • Scientific advice and support 

  • Capability building and mobilizing

  • Strategic implementation

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Young Water Sustainability Leaders Summit


Dalam rangka turut merayakan Hari Air Dunia 2022 dan menuju World Water Forum 2024...


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MoU Signing ECADIN and PT PLN (Persero)

ECADIN and PT PLN (Persero)

To support Indonesia's net zero emission targets through research and capability building and mobilizing, ECADIN and PT PLN (Persero) signed an MoU during the International Seminar "Invest in Our Planet: Green Ecosystem as an Investment for Future Earth"


Mountain Fog

Cost Recovery in Geothermal

Ali Ashat, Hadi Ismoyo &  Dr. Desti Alkano

Banyak orang beranggapan Cost Recovery (CR) hanya untuk industri minyak dan gas. Sebagian dari anggapan ini bisa jadi berdasarkan ...



Implementing Emissions Trading Systems

Almy R.K. Putri, Hadi Prasojo, Desti Alkano

Mengelola sistem perdagangan izin emisi: Pembelajaran dari Eropa dan kondisi di Indonesia ... 


Solar Panel Farm8

Optimal Sizing & Performance Assessment of a Hybrid Diesel & PV with Battery

Dr. Zainal Arifin, Habudin Hassan MT, & Dr. Desti Alkano

In remote and rural areas where diesel generators are usually employed for electricity production, Photovoltaic (PV) panels...


Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

An Optimum Financing Scheme for Baseload Thin-film andMonocrystalline Photovoltaic Plants in Indonesia 

Dr. Zainal Arifin, Ria Septiyanthy MT, Dr. Desti Alkano, Fauzan Hanif Jufri MSc, Dr. Budi Sudiarto 

This paper investigates the most optimum financing scheme for medium-scale grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) plant...


Gas Management

Renewable Energy Certificate

Andi Ahmad Fauzan Parewangi

Kesadaran masyarakat akan kebutuhan Green & Clean Energy semakin hari terus meningkat. Rasa kepedulian dan cinta terhadap lingkungan ini ...

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Solar Energy

Sustainable Biodiesel Development

Dr. Bayu Prabowo

Indonesia mengalami Defisit Transaksi Berjalan (CAD) sejak 2018 dengan Sektor Migas memberikan kontribusi signifikan ...

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Light Bulb

Mengkonseptualisasi Diplomasi Energi Indonesia

Novita Putri Rudiany, S.Hub.Int., M.A.

Urgensi arah dan strategi implementasi diplomasi energi Indonesia untuk mengamankan pasokan energi ...


Electricity Repair Work

Apakah Masyarakat Indonesia Setuju dengan Pemanfaatan Energi Nuklir?

Prof. Djarot S. Wisnubroto

Ketika kita berbicara mengenai nuklir maka otomatis sebagian masyarakat membayangkan tentang kecelakaan Chernobyl, Fukushima ...

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RE 100: Industry, Renewable Energy

& Sustainability

Andi Ahmad Fauzan Parewangi

Dipimpin oleh The Climate Group dalam kemitraan dengan CDP, RE100 adalah inisiatif kolaboratif yang menyatukan bisnis paling ...

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Wind Turbines

Envisioning Wind Energy:

Trends and Opportunities

Fadhil Ahmad Qamar & Niko Priyambada

Pembangkit listrik tenaga bayu atau PLTB adalah pembangkit listrik yang memanfaatkan energi kinetik pada angin dengan ...

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Green Fields

Natural Climate Solutions & Social Innovation for Food & Clean Energy 

TU Delft, IPB University, TYK research & action consulting, KRKP, and ECADIN

a project exploratory study in 2022



Inovasi Energi Terbarukan: Demokratisasi Sektor Energi

Atiek Puspa Fadhilah

Pandemi telah membatasi ruang gerak dan interaksi manusia. Hal ini membuat pemerataan layanan-layanan dasar dalam kesehatan ...

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Solusi Hibrid Energi

dari Laut Lepas

Muhammad Zaki Almuzakki & Prof. Bayu Jayawardhana

Dalam kurun waktu dua dekade ini, pelbagai teknologi telah dikembangkan untuk mendayagunakan energi terbarukan dari ...

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The symposium was held in May 4 2019 at X building TU Delft, the Netherlands, and organized by Overseas Indonesian Student Association in collaboration with Energy Academy Indonesia (Ecadin). The detail can be found here.

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ECADIN and IA-ITB NL together with the Indonesian Embassy for the Netherlands are organizing a technology forum. This event will be further called as Indonesia – The Netherlands Technology Partnership Forum (INTPF). In this forum, representatives of stakeholders from both countries can share their experience, pitch their ideas or products to potential backers, and discuss challenges and opportunities in establishing a partnership in innovations that is mutually beneficial. The detail can be found here.

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A public discussion on "Young Professionalism for Climate Resilience: Enhancing Professional Capabilities of the Young for Climate Resilience", held at the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Katowice, Poland.

TYK research & action consulting the Netherlands in collaboration with Ecadin then initiated “Young-led Climate Partnership” aimed to add values to the global climate movement by developing knowledge of the young and strengthening North-South relations. The detail can be found here.

Diplomasi Energi Indonesia.png

Ecadin and Shell organized "Expert Connect Campus" in March 2019 at Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Gadjah Mada, and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya, Indonesia

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A public discussion "Maintaining Optimism towards Energy Sovereignty" held on May 7 2018 in RWTH Aachen, Germany

Delft talkshow.png

A public discussion "Human Capital & Innovation" held on July 8 2018 in Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, with Rihard Pasaribu (General Manager P&T technology Safety & Environment, Shell), Yanti Kusumanto (Owner TYK Research & Action Consulting the Netherlands and Founding Member of Global University for Sustainability) and Hasanul A. Hasibuan (Senior Wireless Solution Manager, Huawei Netherlands) 

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A documentation of Ecadin Sharing Program "Women in Energy Research & Business" held on April 1 2018 in Paris, France, with Candra Sri Sutama (Schlumberger Engineering Center, France), Grace Perangin Angin ( TU Delft Master Program and Chief Lentera Bumi Nusantara), Astu Sam Pratiwi (ES Geothermie Electricite de Strasbourg, France) and Desti Alkano (Founder Ecadin)

De Hoge Raven  2.jpeg

On November 22 2019, we visited De Hoge Raven School in Utrecht, the Netherlands, along with Dr. Thomas Hoppe from Delft University of Technology, Director of Technotrend, representatives of Indonesia's state power company (PLN), Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Den Hague the Netherlands, Sekolah Indonesia Den Haag, and TYK research & action consulting the Netherlands. It is one of 8 schools in the Netherlands participating in the programme "Schools as Energy Embassies in the Neighbourhood", supported by RVO (the Netherlands Enterprise Agency).

Pupils learn and explore the wonderful world of energy, technology and sustainability, motivating them to push their limits. They invent campaigns, discover efforts to help end plastic waste, take action to save energy in school, and involve as many people as they can in their neighbourhood.

Not only creating awareness and energy saving, RVO hopes the programme will create business opportunities and new energy jobs.


Prof. Bayu Jayawardhana from University of Groningen, the Netherlands, presented "Ocean Grazer: Hybrid Solutions for Offshore Renewable Energy" at our symposium entitled "Young Professional for Sustainable Energy" held on May 4 2019 in TU Delft, the Netherlands.


Dr. Rihard Pasaribu, General Manager P&T Technology Safety and Environmental at Royal Dutch Shell, the Netherlands, presented "Energy Transition" at our symposium entitled "Young Professional for Sustainable Energy" held on May 4 2019 in TU Delft, the Netherlands.

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A documentation of public discussion and networking session "Energy Startups, Generated by Millenials" held on December 21 2019 at LPDP office Jakarta, Indonesia, with Inayah Zahra (CEO and Co-founder Lentera Bumi Nusantara), Irvan Hermala (Co-founder Berbagi Listrik) and I Made Aditya Suryawidya (Program Manager Indonesia New Energy Nexus - RE Startup Accelerator). The public discussion was organized by Ecadin in collaboration with Mata Garuda LPDP Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia and Nuffic Neso Indonesia.

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Together with the winners of Innovation Challenge Think Efficiency 2019 we had an opportunity to visit Shell Technology Center in Shanghai China in January 2020.  We learnt how the company shapes mutually beneficial collaborations by being closer to their big customers and partners in the region, while still working closely with the other research centers in Europe and USA.

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The detail on Young-led Climate Partnership can be found here.