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Energy Academy Indonesia (ECADIN) is a knowledge management, research & sharing platform on current research directions, industrial developments and regulations

in(out)side Indonesia in the energy sectors & sustainability concerns.

ECADIN runs regular programs for discussion and knowledge exchange between academia, industrial practitioners & players, regulation makers, and spectators, aiming at adding values towards sustainable energy systems and global climate movement by strengthening North-South relations.

Let's position ourselves as one of the main players in driving the world’s energy and sustainability-related issues!

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TYK research & action consulting the Netherlands in collaboration with Ecadin initiated “Young-led Climate Partnership” aimed to add values to the global climate movement by developing knowledge of the young and strengthening North-South relations. The detail can be found here.

The symposium was held in May 4 2019 at X building TU Delft, the Netherlands, and organized by Overseas Indonesian Student Association in collaboration with Energy Academy Indonesia (Ecadin). The detail can be found here.

Aiming to stimulate innovations particularly in the energy and tribology sectors, Shell in collaboration with Ecadin organize annually Innovation Challenge “Think Efficiency” and National Seminar “Innovation for Nation” since 2018. The detail can be found here.

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A public discussion on "Young Professionalism for Climate Resilience: Enhancing Professional Capabilities of the Young for Climate Resilience", held at the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Katowice, Poland.

TYK research & action consulting the Netherlands in collaboration with Ecadin then initiated “Young-led Climate Partnership” aimed to add values to the global climate movement by developing knowledge of the young and strengthening North-South relations. The detail can be found here.


Ecadin and Shell organized National Seminar 2018 "Innovation for Nation" and awarding of Innovation Challenge "Think Efficiency 2018" on August 14 2018 at Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ecadin and Shell organized "Expert Connect Campus" in March 2019 at Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Gadjah Mada, and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya, Indonesia

In collaboration with the organizing committee of the 8th UI International Summit for Youth Environmental Action, Ecadin organized webinars on "Community Empowerment towards Energy Transition" and "Recycling, Waste Management and Energy". Other topics covered previously in Ecadin's online sharing programs can be found here.

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A meeting initiated by TYK research & action consulting, in collaboration with Ecadin, the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) TU Delft and the Energy Commission of the Overseas Indonesian Students Association during the visit of the Directorate General of New and Renewable Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia for Symposium "Young Professional for Sustainable Energy"


The meeting aims at exploring opportunities for a partnership between the Netherlands and Indonesia in the context of energy transition. It took place on May 3 2019 at TPM TU Delft and was attended by 21 persons, including representatives of NWO (Netherlands Scientific Organization), Technotrend Foundation, Akuo Energy, METI/KOPETINDO Indonesian Energy Cooperative), PT Radiant Utama, Lentera Bumi Nusantara, Houben Mobility the Netherlands. The detail can be found here.

A public discussion "Maintaining Optimism towards Energy Sovereignty" held on May 7 2018 in RWTH Aachen, Germany

A public discussion "Human Capital & Innovation" held on July 8 2018 in Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, with Rihard Pasaribu (General Manager P&T technology Safety & Environment, Shell), Yanti Kusumanto (Owner TYK Research & Action Consulting the Netherlands and Founding Member of Global University for Sustainability) and Hasanul A. Hasibuan (Senior Wireless Solution Manager, Huawei Netherlands) 

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A documentation of Ecadin Sharing Program "Women in Energy Research & Business" held on April 1 2018 in Paris, France, with Candra Sri Sutama (Schlumberger Engineering Center, France), Grace Perangin Angin ( TU Delft Master Program and Chief Lentera Bumi Nusantara), Astu Sam Pratiwi (ES Geothermie Electricite de Strasbourg, France) and Desti Alkano (Founder Ecadin)

A documentation of public discussion on "Connecting You(th) on Green Energy and Transportation" held in the 8th ASEAN Youth on Environmental Action" on November 16 2019 in Depok, Indonesia, with Dr. Nuki Agya Utama (Executive Director of ASEAN Centre for Energy), Dr. Alin Halimmatussadiah (Head of Environmental Economics Research Group, Institute for Economic and Social Research, FEB UI), and Refi Kunaefi (Managing Director of Akuo Energy Indonesia). The public discussion was organized by Ecadin in collaboration with Student Executive Board of Universitas Indonesia.

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On November 22 2019, we visited De Hoge Raven School in Utrecht, the Netherlands, along with Dr. Thomas Hoppe from Delft University of Technology, Director of Technotrend, representatives of Indonesia's state power company (PLN), Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Den Hague the Netherlands, Sekolah Indonesia Den Haag, and TYK research & action consulting the Netherlands. It is one of 8 schools in the Netherlands participating in the programme "Schools as Energy Embassies in the Neighbourhood", supported by RVO (the Netherlands Enterprise Agency).

Pupils learn and explore the wonderful world of energy, technology and sustainability, motivating them to push their limits. They invent campaigns, discover efforts to help end plastic waste, take action to save energy in school, and involve as many people as they can in their neighbourhood.

Not only creating awareness and energy saving, RVO hopes the programme will create business opportunities and new energy jobs.


Prof. Bayu Jayawardhana from University of Groningen, the Netherlands, presented "Ocean Grazer: Hybrid Solutions for Offshore Renewable Energy" at our symposium entitled "Young Professional for Sustainable Energy" held on May 4 2019 in TU Delft, the Netherlands.

Dr. Rihard Pasaribu, General Manager P&T Technology Safety and Environmental at Royal Dutch Shell, the Netherlands, presented "Energy Transition" at our symposium entitled "Young Professional for Sustainable Energy" held on May 4 2019 in TU Delft, the Netherlands.

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A documentation of public discussion and networking session "Energy Startups, Generated by Millenials" held on December 21 2019 at LPDP office Jakarta, Indonesia, with Inayah Zahra (CEO and Co-founder Lentera Bumi Nusantara), Irvan Hermala (Co-founder Berbagi Listrik) and I Made Aditya Suryawidya (Program Manager Indonesia New Energy Nexus - RE Startup Accelerator). The public discussion was organized by Ecadin in collaboration with Mata Garuda LPDP Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia and Nuffic Neso Indonesia.

Together with the winners of Innovation Challenge Think Efficiency 2019 we had an opportunity to visit Shell Technology Center in Shanghai China in January 2020.  We learnt how the company shapes mutually beneficial collaborations by being closer to their big customers and partners in the region, while still working closely with the other research centers in Europe and USA.

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The detail on Young-led Climate Partnership can be found here.

Reinvent Ourselves


Advance Our Knowledge

Sharing programs will be provided regularly. This will keep our eyes open on current energy-related research directions, industrial developments, and new energy-related regulations inside and outside Indonesia.


Multi-disciplinary Community

The community consists of Indonesians from various backgrounds & disciplines interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences in energy-related areas, staying inside and outside Indonesia. 


Indonesia is One of the Greatest Producers for Renewable & Conventional Energy in the World

It's universally well known that we, Indonesians, live in an Archipelago with rich energy resources.


Kick Start Opportunities

Direct contributions for better Indonesia, particularly for sustainable energy systems & developments, can be immensely increased.