Hydrogen Ecosystem and Economy

ECADIN (Desti Alkano as Executive Director, and Candra Sri Sutama as Senior Partner) together with Director of Corporate Strategy & Business Development at PLN, Hartanto Wibowo, and VP Cooperation Development & Commercialization, Ricky C. Andrian, visited hydrogen fueling station, part of hydrogen ecosystem in France.

Hydrogen is an essential element for clean mobility- it’s already here for real!

France targets to increase their hydrogen vehicles 1000 times in about 7 years, i.e. 400 vehicles in 2023 to 400,000 vehicles in 2030. What an ambitious target!

Challenges and the way forwards in hydrogen energy ecosystem:

  • Production cost reduction – by blooming large-scale local ecosystem, developing industrial offer and usage, & infrastructure
  • Tech. neutrality promotion – by considering low-carbon hydrogen, not only electrolysis
  • Clean, abundant, affordable electricity available, as development of renewables is not sufficient

Indonesia is a home for talents, innovation, and growth to be embraced particularly towards a green transformation. ECADIN is proud to initiate and lead partnerships by advocacy and connecting expertise, knowledge, business actors and financing means.

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