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Lestari Sugihartini


Lestari eager to explore new challenges especially for the hydrogen area. With a strong education background in science and engineering, she is currently developing a huge passion in sustainability with relevant experiences in energy sector and public policy


Aidityas Adhakim

IT & Digital Operations

Aidityas leads digital learning strategies through highly analytical and detail-oriented, he commits to deliver with quality for managing the learning management system.


Fitra Deriyanto

Media Creative

Fitra’s main interest is in media creative. He was responsible for many media programs of Overseas Indonesian Students’ Association Alliance (PPI Dunia).


Zulfadlillah, M.Eng.


Zulfadlillah has more than 10 years in the four-wheel automotive manufacturing industry with his focus in quality engineering, quality management system and production system. He has been a lecturer of industrial engineering (manufacturing system). His main area of research is in the field of electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing and its value chain. He obtained his master degree of Industrial Engineering at University of Indonesia with a specialization in Industrial Management.


Lulu Intan

Program Development

Lulu is an emerging professional in the energy sector with a strong foundation in engineering. Lulu obtained her bachelor’s degree from Metallurgical Engineering Department at Institut Teknologi Bandung. Her main interest is in the sectors related to energy, material, metallurgy, and manufacturing. With a strong foundation in engineering and her commitment to continuous learning, she strives to make a meaningful impact in the development and implementation of the sustainable energy sector.


Akhmad Yulianto

Project Facilitation & Support

Akhmad Yulianto has more than 10 years of experience in managing several renewable energy projects across Indonesia. He also interested in water technology, energy and sustainable development, and automation. Akhmad received his bachelor degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung.


Rizky Segha

Management Staff & Operations

Segha was responsible for planning resources, project operation and management and performance monitoring and reporting. He received his Bachelor degree in Biotechnology from Brawijaya University.


Candra Sutama

Strategic Partner

Candra Sutama has more than 20 years of international multidisciplinary experience in energy sectors, especially in leading operations, managing projects across continents, developing business, cultivating multicultural team, and delivering technologyies to markets in Asia, Middle East, and Europe. She is pursuing an MBA degree in HEC Paris for shaping the future of energy business transformation.


Syarif Riyadi, Ph.D.


Syarif Riyadi has multiple years of experience in hi-tech manufacturing industries (automotive and semiconductor sectors). His main focuses are on the quality & technology aspects in the supply chain. Six Sigma, FMEA & problem solving methodologies are his core competencies. His daily activities involve project management, stakeholders interactions, and escalations handling. He obtained his PhD in condensed-matter physics from University of Groningen – the Netherlands.