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What’s your green journey looking like for 2024 and beyond?

Our fast-paced lives often hide the environmental impact of our daily choices. Let’s dive into the world of carbon footprints and discover how each decision leaves a mark on our planet.

PLN is collaborating with ECADIN in research, capacity building and mobilizing to support Indonesia’s net zero emission targets

In enhancing research and human resources for achieving Net Zero Emission, PLN collaborates with Energy Academy Indonesia (ECADIN).
COP28 UAE Overview

COP28 Overview: Controversy, Hindrance, and Mandate to Achieve 1.5° Goal by 2023

COP28 under the leadership of Sultan al Jabe, have aa primary goal is to assess signatory countries’ progress in meeting the Paris Agreement’s target of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2
CCS Workshop Series #1 "Developing CCS in Indonesia"

Developing CCS in Indonesia” being held on 16 November 2023, co-hosted by Indonesia CCS Center

CCS Workshop #1 on Nov 16, 2023, co-hosted by Indonesia CCS Center. Explore Carbon Capture and Storage's vital role in achieving net-zero.

CCS Workshop Series #1

CCS Workshop #1: Developing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Indonesia: Concept, Value and Market Ecosystem Overview, hosted by ECADIN and co-hosted by Pertamina

In International & Indonesia CCS Forum 2023

In International & Indonesia CCS Forum 2023, ECADIN signed memorandum of understanding with Indonesia CCS Center and Global CCS Institute to support the development of CCS in Indonesia.

Harnessing the Strategic Role of O&G Operators in Accelerating CCS Adoption

Join the International & Indonesia CCS Forum 2023 in Jakarta, 11-12 September 2023, and engage with international, regional and national stakeholders. If you are in the CCS business in Asia, you can’t miss this forum.

Implementing carbon trading: Lessons from European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS)

Sistem perdagangan izin emisi karbon (Emission Trading System (ETS)) adalah salah satu instrumen untuk mendukung kebijakan nilai ekonomi karbon.