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Earth with a magnifying glass focused on a factory emitting methane gas, symbolizing the exploration and understanding of methane's impact on the environment and human health, along with efforts towards mitigation. Alternatively, an image featuring a globe with various icons representing methane sources (such as livestock, fossil fuel extraction, landfills) and mitigation strategies (such as renewable energy, methane capture technology) could also effectively convey the article's theme.

Methane Matters: From Origins to Mitigation – Understanding the Climate, Health, and Solutions

Methane, mainly from natural sources, is rising due to human activities, notably from biogenic and energy sectors.

Have you ever heard about GFANZ?

Three pillars of Indonesia’s low-carbon hydrogen strategy

Green Project Financing in Solar and Hydro Power

Explore how banks and financial institutions are driving net-zero goals through green financing, focusing on solar and hydropower projects.