Business Forum & Benchmarking Program

Enhancing Eco-industrial Park (EIP) Development: Lessons from Europe

30 September-3 October 2024
France and the Netherlands

Join us to discover how collaborative efforts, policies, and innovative technologies are paving the way for greener, more sustainable industrial landscapes!
*Limited to only 15 participants with a first-come first-served scheme


The global movement towards sustainable development and a circular economy has placed Eco-Industrial Parks (EIPs) at the forefront of industrial transformation. The EIP model is an innovative approach that integrates industrial activity with environmental conservation and community engagement. EIPs aim to achieve environmental, economic, and social sustainability through efficient resource use, waste reduction, and inter-industry synergy.

The importance of EIP development in supporting sustainability has been widely recognized globally. Europe, as one of the leaders in EIP implementation, has demonstrated various strategies, policies, and technological innovations that have significantly enhanced the effectiveness and sustainability of industrial parks. With this experience and success, Europe serves as a valuable example for other countries seeking to develop EIPs.

Recognizing the importance of this development, Energy Academy Indonesia (ECADIN), with support from the Indonesian Embassy in Paris and the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, is organizing the Business Forum & Benchmarking Program “Enhancing EIP Development: Lessons from Europe”, to be held from September 30 to October 3, 2024, in France and the Netherlands.


This forum aims to bring these valuable lessons to the forefront, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and best practice sharing among global stakeholders.

The program is designed to not only disseminate best practices but also facilitate benchmarking against standards, enabling participants to gauge their progress and identify areas for improvement. Moreover, the forum is aimed also to foster a collaborative environment where national and sub-national policy makers, EIP managers, and industrial stakeholders can come together to explore innovative solutions and strategies and to strengthen international networks, ultimately contributing to the advancement of sustainable industrial practices.

Topics to be focused

The focus topics of this program will include:

Circular Economy

Industrial Symbiosis

Resource and Waste Management

Technological Innovation

Innovative Business Model and Investment

Integration of Renewable Energy


Sustainable Supply Chain


Workshop “Pioneering Innovation”

Station F, Paris

Station F is a startup campus & entrepreneurial hub located in Paris, hosting over 1,000 startups including both early-stage and more established companies in technology, digital services, biotech, etc from around the world.

Business Forum “Innovations in Eco-Industrial Parks”

Indonesian Embassy in Paris

In a collaboration with MEDEF International, representing and supporting more than 7,000 French companies in their international development efforts.

Benchmarking to Dunkerque Industrial Park

Dunkerque, France

The industrial park hosts a diverse  range of industries, including: steel and metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical, energy production, logistics and transportation, automotive and manufacturing, recycling and waste management, food processing.

The industries benefit from the synergies created by the eco-industrial park model, where resources, energy, and waste are efficiently managed and shared, enhancing overall sustainability and economic performance.

Besides the industrial park manager, the local governmental organization will be invited to share their robust policies and regulations to support
sustainable industrial development.

Benchmarking to Chemelot Industrial Park in the Netherlands

Site Visit to Center of Excellence "Brightlands Chemelot Campus"

Site Visit to Europe’s Circularity Center

Sittart, the Netherlands

The industrial park is a major hub for the chemical and materials industries, including: basic and specialty chemicals, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, recycling and waste management, and energy.

Together with the Chemelot Industrial Park, Brightlands Chemelot Campus is one of the largest research and business areas in Europe (120 companies, 3,000 employees, 1,000 students).

Europe’s Circular Center in Chemelot provides a comprehensive view of how sustainable industrial practices and the circular economy can be effectively implemented.

Relevant Industry Sectors

The relevant industry sectors for this program include:



Basic and Specialty Chemicals



Life Sciences

Digital and Smart Technology

Logistics and Transport

Logistics and Transport


Research and Innovation

Steel and Metallurgy

Automotative and Manufacturing

Food Processing

Waste Management and Recycling


For event details and registration, please contact Segha at ECADIN: [email protected] or +6281232184474

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