Masterclass & Networking Program “Green Project Financing in Solar and Hydro Power”

In alignment with PLN’s electricity business development plan (RUPTL) 2021-2030, targeting a 51.6% share of the national energy mix from new and renewable sources, hydro and solar power play a substantial role in achieving the added capacity of 20.9 GW. The ability to assess key risks at each stage of project development and effectively mitigate […]

ECADIN attended the First Internatinal CCS Forum

In September 2023, the Energy Academy Indonesia (ECADIN) took part in the first International Indonesia CCS Forum 2023 (IICCS Forum 2023) in Jakarta and signed an MoU with partner organizations to expedite CCS deployment. Organized by Indonesia CCS Center (ICCSC), this forum convened stakeholders from ASEAN countries to exchange knowledge on CCS technologies, best practices, […]

ECADIN on Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition

Critical minerals are key to the clean energy sector’s growth. As we shift towards greener energy, the demand for these minerals, especially in EVs and battery storage, is set to rise. The fastest demand growth, forecasted by International Energy Agency (2023) will be lithium: it is projected to multiply by more than 10 times by […]

Apa saja manfaat panas bumi selain untuk pembangkitan listrik?

Kali ini ECADIN bersama PT PLN (Persero) berkunjung ke proyek pemanfaatan langsung panas bumi sebagai pemanas rumah-rumah penduduk di Greater Paris Area, Perancis. Fakta-fakta menarik dari proyek ini antara lain: Berada di tengah-tengah pemukiman padat penduduk Menghasilkan 15 MW/tahun dan digunakan langsung sebagai sumber pemanas 9500 rumah penduduk sekitar Sekitar 15.000 ton CO2/tahun dapat dihindari […]